“Cold War” is the first piece I have written and recorded in DADGAD tuning. I first encountered that tuning when listening to Pierre Bensusan and some of Bert Jansch’s recordings from the 70’s. Took some time to get comfortable with it – but “Cold War” is a tune I’m really proud of!

It’s a piece in three parts: first there is a melancholic melody played on my old Lowden F22 and repeated once with a mellotron whistle part and finally with both whistle and cello. The second part is more optimistic and full of hope. Again its my old Lowden but with banjo and more mellotron and some real pennywhistle at the end. The whole thing ends with a short solo guitar piece during the credits.

I really hope you like it and please share it with everyone you know!

This is a jazzy tune heavily based on The Pentangles “I’ve got a Feeling” (1968) but that one was of course based on Miles Davis’ “All Blues” (1959). The video is a tribute to another Miles. Reid Miles designed all those cool covers for Blue Notes releases in the 50’es and early 60’s and I’ve tried to recreate some of the best ones. Can you spot all six? 

A little tribute to the main character in the amazing western video game “Red Dead Redemption 2”. Trying to catch the mood and look of the game and especially the sound of the cool soundtrack by Daniel Lanois. Mainly played on my Leon Ballard banjo with some electric guitar and omnichord overdubs.

My debut record “Wordless” is out now. After almost two years of work, the record is finally done and available for streaming everywhere. You can listen to it here on my website or where you usually stream music. I hope you like it. More music on its way soon.

A short two-part piece. First half features acoustic guitar (Lowden F22), whistle (Whorfin Woods), electric guitar (Gibson Les Paul) and Omnichord. The second half is an improvised tune with acoustic guitar, synth and samples.

The last track is also the titel track. “Wordless” was first heard as the backingtrack for the first introduction video, and has since the grown from a short 30 sekund piece to a longer two part tune.
(June 2021)

“The Death of Spring” is an odd tune that combines fingerstyle guitar, whistle, medieval tambourine & fuzz guitar. The inspiration is “Jack Orion” – the 18 minutes long epic track that ends The Pentangles 1970 album “Cruel Sister”. Its part of my collection of instrumental tracks “Wordless”. I hope you like it!

”The Raven King” is an character in Susanna Clarks amazing fantasy-novel “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel”. This tune is almost 18 years old (like the book) and tries to create the same mood as it. It features my Lowden S25, a bit of banjo, some Omnichord and a couple of samples.